EREN meeting in Verona

Roma, 27-10-2022

On October 27-28-29, the travelling meeting of EREN Ltd took place. It takes place every time in a different location among those where the members of the association operate.

This time, the beautiful and picturesque city of Verona welcomed us and hosted the meeting. The meeting was powered by not only the parteners’ assembly and the main schedule but also by several gatherings of the colleagues and friends of European Real Estate Network, to discuss about business.


EREN Ltd is an European real estate network, founded in 2004 in Rome. Personally, I am extremely proud of it as one of the founding members.

This meeting in Verona was particularly welcomed by the members and it represented a moment of great satisfaction, indeed we celebrated an important anniversary:

The 18 years from the fundation of EREN, which this year “comes of age”.

The meeting took place and we celebrated this anniversary in the picturesque frame of one of the most charming hotels in Verona – and not only – named Hotel Due Torri.

It was fantastic to meet again all my dear friends and colleagues coming from every part of Europe, after all this time. Covid-19 had deprived us of the possibility of meeting in person and spending productive, but also enjoyable, time all together, but here we are, after two years, exchanging points of view on the real estate market in the different countries, on its trends and on the projections of the near future. Here we are enjoying time together, sharing opinions and impressions, to create an always stronger and better synergy of business (and human) cooperation.

After these days, full of meetings and conversations, many new projects have sprung up and we also had the possibility to verify the progress of those already on underway.

EREN is the crown jewel of the European real estate market, and it is a Network which allows its agents to make their knowledge of the local market available to the other members, in a context which is thus international.

The business and human bonds that are established in this network are the guarantee of the success of our projects and of the quality of our standards of service, always devoted to provide our Clients with an assistance of the highest professional competence.

Maurizio Pezzetta