UPPI Conference “Casa tra valori & valore” *

Roma, 11-11-2022

It was a pleasure and an honor for me to speak as relator and Deputy Vice-Chairman of Fimaa Italia Confcommercio during the UPPI conference “Casa tra valori & valore”, which took place on 11/11/22 in the splendid frame of Villa Altieri in Rome.


Among the many topics discussed, I focused on the issue of urban re-qualification and re-generation, which needs to be planned and applied taking into account the particular residential and urban context and involving both the private and the public players. Personally, I covered the topic of the proposal of extension of the flat rate tax also for the non-residential leases (commercial leases) with a fair tax regime for both parties to the contract, including the reduction of local taxes (IMU, TARI) and the abolishment of IMU taxes for the unfit for use properties.


During my speech, I dealt also with the challenges of our field, starting from the effects of the Russian-Ukranian conflict on the economy and specifically on the real estate market, ending with the increase of interest rates on mortgages and loans, also as a consequence of inflation.


I concluded my speech by pointing out the proposals represented by Fimaa on the topic of non-residential leases.


*“House between values and value”

Maurizio Pezzetta